Hello and welcome to Benchrest's Light and Heavy Varmint European Matches Platform and informations.

You found us, this proves that these two extremely accurate shooting disciplines got you interested.

This website is created by 3 newcomers to the Benchrest scene and supported by the President of the Benchrest World Federation. It is supposed to be a place where you can find a maximum of information regarding Benchrest Shooting.

There will be information about competitions, dates, results, but also about material (new and old stuff) and techniques.

It is important for us to create this website in order to promote this discipline all over Europe. This is why we run it in both English and French, just click on the respective flag icon on top of the page, to choose your preferred language.

You will find different chapters, among which one is specifically dedicated to newcomers, where we will try to demystify this discipline, so that any motivated shooter will find out that both Centrefire Benchrest Shooting are accessible to everybody.

Open to all Europe, our website awaits your possible contribution such as technical proposals, suggestions, material links,,…etc. Just contact us, and, in case your suggestions could be useful to other shooters, we will be happy to publish them.

www.Benchrest-shooting.eu has been created.!!! But the website is still partly under construction, because we still need some time to update all the pages. This is why we kindly ask you to be patient and to come visit periodically, to ascertain our progress.


Sincerely Yours : Didier, Monique, Pascal, François